The Difference Between Yoga and Meditation

peter winslow (life coach)
Peter Winslow, Life Coach

For nearly a decade, Peter Winslow has served as life coach and the owner of GoldMind, LLC, in Scottsdale, Arizona. In this capacity, he provides various services that help clients with such things as career advancement and wealth consciousness. An author of several books on healing and self-empowerment, Peter Winslow maintains a commitment to yoga and meditation.

Both meditation and yoga focus on helping practitioners relax and relieve stress. However, they go about this in two distinct ways.

Meditation focuses on the idea that the mind is the primary source of relaxation and connection. It boosts brain power and improves practitioners’ empathy, awareness, concentration, self-control, and many other brain benefits. This is done via relaxation techniques such as controlled breathing.

Conversely, yoga works the body and mind rather than just the mind. It is a physical activity that focuses not only on body connection and controlled breathing but also on moving, stretching, and aligning different areas of the body. This, in turn, loosens various muscles to help promote relaxation.

Since meditation focuses primarily on working the mind, it can be easier for some. Practitioners can meditate if they have just five minutes during the day, even with only a beginner’s knowledge. Yoga can be more difficult depending on the type and the particular poses attempted. The ability to personalize a yoga routine to fit each person’s fitness level and health goals is part of what makes yoga great for the body.