Your Identity Makes All the Difference – Part 8

I’m life coach Peter Winslow. We have so far discussed the inner identity, also called the “true self” and learned that it is composed of three fundamental elements: Love, Joy, and Peace of Mind.

Here is an interesting corollary: you’ve probably heard of people who psychologists refer to as “energy vampires.” These types can suck the energy right out of you. Everyone knows someone who can burn you out just by spending an hour with you, or even less. As a life coach, I deal with these types quite frequently.

So—do you know what it is they’re sucking out of you? It’s your love, your joy, and your peace of mind!

Because they have become so disconnected from their own true selves, they must get their energy directly from others as a never-ending quest for victims of their perverse needs.

These unfortunate souls have covered their true self over with layers and layers of what they refer to as “my story.” And these stories always involve static thinking about things that don’t exist anymore, things which all happened in the past. There is no dynamism for change here; they cannot change the past. They just continue to suck more and more energy from others throughout their lives.

Do you know someone like that? Maybe somebody close to you? Somebody you’re aware of… right now?

As earlier noted, they cannot change the past; yet what they can change is how they feel about the past. What would solve the issue is for them to become aware of their own inner identity—the love, peace and joy at the core of who they really are. When fully realized, these things continue to grow and to give, nurturing and sustaining them from within, as it does for all emotionally healthy and spiritually connected people.

When you identify yourself as being the love, peace and joy that resides within you—we can call this your spiritual or true self—you will constantly grow and prosper in awareness, abundance and ability.

Then an amazing revelation occurs: you attract love, wealth and abundance from the outside world.  So rather than trying to get what you want from the world, you become what it is you seek—and the world provides you with more and more of what you really are.

This is precisely how it is that in life we don’t get what we want, we get what we are—which you now recognize as the Law of Identity.

–Peter Winslow



Your Identity Makes All the Difference – Part 3

I’m life coach Peter Winslow. In my last post we discussed the concept of an “inner” and an “outer” identity. We learned that outer identities are “static” meaning they identify things about us, rather than revealing who we are at our core.

It’s similar to having a static goal, like acquiring a Ferrari. Once you have it, you’re through; you move on to the next goal. This is in contrast to a dynamic goal, which continues to evolve. A dynamic goal keeps growing and giving, and there’s no point at which it ends.

A dynamic goal might look like this: I see thousands and thousands of people being influenced by my work. It lifts more and more people out of mediocrity and puts them into feeling really good about themselves, time and again.

The concept also applies to our identities. Outer identity is static: I’m Peter Winslow; I’m a life coach; I’m American from British extraction; I live in Scottsdale Arizona, etc.

Yet my inner identity is comprised of who I am at my core; a dynamic identity that keeps on growing and giving. And what the inner identity is, is this: my true essence. It’s what I’m really made of.

As I see it, one’s true essence is comprised of three things. When you realize these three fully and completely, your health, wealth and happiness increase automatically, and exponentially.

To live a happy, healthy, prosperous life you must identify with the three components of your inner identity. It is then that all things are added unto you. Nothing and no one will stop you; no chain of events can hinder your advance.

In our next meeting we will discover what the three are and how to apply them.

– Peter Winslow