October 31st

I’m life coach and culturalist Peter Winslow, and thank you for joining me. We’re headed into Hallowe’en and the moon grows pale as the last gasp of summer’s sun acquiesces to winter’s chill.

Once upon a time, long before the Christian festival of All Hallow’s Day, most Europeans observed a much older tradition. It was at this time of year that people began to celebrate the memories of their deceased ancestors, and some even invited the spirits of past generations to return and offer guidance.

From this tradition we get the image of ghosts, frequently mentioned in the holy scriptures of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and widely recognized by many cultures around the world.

What (or whom) is haunting you? Could it be… an aspect of your self? It’s time to stop struggling and make ready for a shift. Now is the time to acknowledge the hidden underbelly of your sequestered sub-persona and bring it to the light of day.

The reason many people dress as goblins and demons, devils and fiends, and other characters of dubious virtue at this particular holiday (read: “holy day”) is to play and frolic with the shadow self within them. Their “dark side” must find a healthy outlet of expression, lest it never cease to haunt and to hound them.

Truth be told, the shadow has a purpose and a mission: to assist with our spiritual ascension. It’s cathartic and cleansing to end the battle we fight with the part of ourselves we keep hidden, and develop inner peace through self-acceptance. Oftentimes and amazingly, what is revealed, is healed.

–Peter Winslow