Assisted Living – the Musical Comes to Scottsdale Center in January

Peter Winslow leverages more than 15 years of experience as a life coach to help his clients reach their goals. In his leisure time, Peter Winslow enjoys writing books, recording music, and attending shows at the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts.

January 10-13, 2019, the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts will present five showings of the comedy, Assisted Living: The Musical. The play’s writers, Betsy Bennett and Rick Compton, worked with theater producer Douglas Gray to develop the final work. After successful runs in Florida and San Francisco, Assisted Living: The Musical has become a cult favorite among theatergoers across the United States.

The story centers on the lives of 18 residents and staff members of the fictional Pelican Roost Retirement Community. Bennett and Compton play all 18 characters, who sing and dance throughout the performance. For more information, visit

2019 Phoenix Open Tickets Go on Sale


2019 Phoenix Open pic
2019 Phoenix Open

An accomplished life coach, Peter Winslow brings extensive experience and training to his role as the owner of GoldMind, LLC, a personal coaching and transformational experience practice in Scottsdale, Arizona. Outside of his work as a life coach, Peter Winslow enjoys hobbies like playing golf and attending tournaments at local clubs, such as the Tournament Players Club (TPC) Scottsdale.

One of the premier golf courses in the United States, TPC Scottsdale has hosted dozens of memorable PGA events on its two championship courses. Each year, the club plays host to the Waste Management Phoenix Open, which stands out as the best-attended PGA tournament in the United States and has even earned the nickname “the people’s tournament.” In 2017, a record 655,000 fans attended the event.

The 2019 tournament, which marks the 84th iteration of the event, will be held from January 28 to February 3. Ticket prices begin at $45 for the Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday rounds, while tickets for the Friday and Saturday rounds will cost $60. As is tradition, part of the proceeds from the tournament will benefit local charities on behalf of The Thunderbirds, one of the oldest civic organizations in the Phoenix area.

Characteristics of Blues Music

Blues Music pic
Blues Music

Arizona-based life coach and the owner of GoldMind, LLC, Peter Winslow provides mentoring services to clients both in person and via telephone and Skype. Dedicated to helping others find lasting happiness, he has worked as a life coach for more than 15 years. Outside of work, Peter Winslow enjoys playing the blues guitar.

One of the most popular music genres, blues music was created from a combination of African and Western cultures. Part of what sets blues music apart from other genres is its unique harmony. When creating a song in this genre, artists focus on using the first, fourth, and fifth chords within a scale. Further, blues music traditionally emphasizes a flattened third, fifth, and seventh notes on a major scale.

Beyond the notes used in blues songs, the genre maintains a rhythm based on the 12-bar and 48-beat repetitive pattern. This means that the three chords used in blues music are played for 12 bars. Each bar is then divided into a certain number of beats. When all 12 bars are added up, they normally consist of a total of 48 beats.

The lyrics and instruments of blues music also set the genre apart. Most blues verses are made up of three lines. Both the first and second lines of each verse are relatively similar, while the third is structured a bit differently. Lyrically, themes focus on disappointing stories and sadness. Meanwhile, the instruments frequently used in blues include the piano, guitar, and banjo. Over the years, the genre has expanded beyond these constraints, and some songs have included electric guitars, the harp, and the harmonica.