About Life Coach Peter Winslow

Peter Winslow

A life coach in the Phoenix area and the author of numerous books, Peter Winslow has more than a decade of experience working with clients who want to improve themselves and achieve their life goals. Throughout his tenure in the field, he has developed a unique coaching methodology that he has applied successfully to hundreds of clients with needs as far-ranging as career advancement and spiritual fulfillment. Peter Winslow has compiled his solutions into his most recent publication, Falling in Love with Your Life: The Formula for Lasting Fulfillment.

In addition to his work as life coach, Peter Winslow has written extensively on matters related to health and wellness. He struggled for years with a painful condition called ankylosing spondylitis (AS), and though doctors have proven unable to cure the disease, he developed methods that enabled him to overcome his pain. He documents his experience with AS and his approach to chronic conditions more generally in three books, all of which are available by logging on to his website at peterwinslow.com.