Measuring Value in Life and Moving Forward toward Goals


Peter Winslow | Life Coach
Peter Winslow | Life Coach

A respected life coach, Peter Winslow assists clients in Arizona and beyond in improving health, transforming their lives through accessing inner resources. In a recent blog post, Peter Winslow took a close look at the well-worn proposition that “enlistment” is required to manifest a goal.

Enlistment involves establishing a plan or an intention in writing and articulating the means of moving from A to B. The blueprint provides the rudder in efforts toward achieving objectives and, ultimately, self-actualization.

Mr. Winslow suggests that a more “effortless” approach may be appropriate in many situations, with a core insight that we often do not realize what we already know and what we don’t know. Similarly, we tend not to assess or measure true value in life accurately.

Value in life is best envisioned not in terms of those monuments we erect to ourselves, but in the lives we touch in a meaningful way. The value of action is not in being recognized for work and remunerated, but in sharing efforts with others and making a difference in the world.

The remarkable thing is that once these questions begin to be asked, people often move forward on the path toward fulfilling personal goals and aspirations.


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