Your Identity Makes All the Difference – Part 7

I’m life coach Peter Winslow. In this series of posts we have been discussing your inner identity, also called the “true self.” As such we have seen that who I am and who I “think” I am are often two different things.

We learned that the true self (your inner identity) is comprised of three aspects: Love, Joy, and Peace of Mind. These things only occur within us, yet most people seek them in the outside world, usually to no avail or lasting satisfaction.

We have taken a brief look at the first two aspects—love and joy—and how, until we realize them internally, they do not sustain in our lives. Today we will consider peace of mind, the third aspect of the true self. It’s the most elusive of the three, partly because people seem to believe it is the product of experiences in the outside world.

“I’ll know peace as soon as my kids do what I’ve asked them to do.”

“I’ll have peace when my neighbor moves out and I get a new one who respects my space.”

I’ll believe in peace of mind when the politicians do what they ought to.”

“I’ll find peace as soon as things go my way.”

But are these external events really likely to happen?

Like love and joy, peace of mind dwells within you—dynamically growing and giving, until negative thoughts derail it. It takes training and skill to cultivate your peace of mind, so please get started right away. As a life coach, this is one of the most common things my clients ask me for assistance with. Yet peace of mind is there within us all, waiting to be fully realized. We must simply learn how it works.

Realize these things as aspects of who you are—love, joy and peace—and watch joyfully as life continues to provide you with more and more of the good things your loving heart truly desires.

In our next installment we’ll discover why realization of your inner identity is so critically important for real health, true wealth, and lasting abundance in life.

–Peter Winslow


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