Three Common Sources of Stress and How to Respond

American Psychological Association


The owner of Gold Mind, LLC, Peter Winslow is a life coach, award-winning author, and public speaker based in Scottsdale, Arizona. In his role as life coach, Peter Winslow assists people with their goals by helping them identify and work to remove barriers such as stress.

The American Psychological Association observes acute, episodic, and chronic as the three general forms of stress. As serious disease can result, it is important to know where stress comes from and how to respond. Consider these three regularly occurring types.

1. Emotional. Nearly three-quarters of Americans experience emotional stress regularly, and this creates hormonal imbalance. Engaging in small tasks that lead to big results can help train the mind to positively respond to overwhelming situations.

2. Sleep-related. Anything that interferes with sleep, be it insomnia or long working hours, leads to increased stress levels. Reducing caffeine consumption and eating smaller meals during the later hours can improve sleep quality and quantity.

3. Dietary. An imbalanced diet, including not only what but also when you eat, will result in bodily stress. Following a regular eating schedule with a strong variety of carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy oils can provide an antidote.


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