Your Identity Makes All the Difference – Part 5

I’m life coach Peter Winslow. When last we met we discussed the three aspects of the true self: Love, Joy, and Peace of Mind. We learned that until you feel the love within you, you will not attract and hold love from the world around you because love is an internal state of being, not an external conquest.

I find it interesting that love cannot be quantified by scientific studies, and it defies all rational explanation. Researchers cannot find love under the microscope, no matter how hard they look for it. Love isn’t required for the survival of a species, and it does not seem to be even remotely logical. Truly, people have done crazy and highly irrational things in the name of love.

Yet love is ever-giving and knows no limits. You can love many, many things and never run out of love. You can love your spouse, you can love your kids, you can love your family; you can love your job, your boss, your car, your clothes; you can love chocolate, you can love your pets, you can love your home, the mountains, the beach, old movies, food and drink; you can love your life coach… you can love everything and never come to a point where you simply run out of love.

There never comes a time when you go “That’s it, I love too many things, there’s nothing more I can love.” That never occurs because love is regenerative; it is dynamic in nature. Because it’s dynamic, it continues to grow and give beyond all limitations.

Love is always there within you, constantly mirrored in the world around you, to the degree that you perceive it. Your task is to get your blockages out of the way. How?

We’ll discuss that next time.

– Peter Winslow


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