Your Identity Makes All the Difference – Part 2

Hello I’m life coach Peter Winslow. In my previous post we discussed Aristotle’s definition of what he called the Law of Identity, and how critically important it is for you to understand. Why?

The positive changes that can and will come about for you in the years ahead are 100% connected with your focus. So if you want to be extraordinary, you’ve got to be sure to align yourself with your greatest strengths.

And to do that, you MUST know who you truly are at the deepest level—your essential nature and frequency.

As a life coach I know that your success in any area of life is really an “inside job.” And it’s pretty true that whatever you receive in life is a major indicator of who you are. It all comes down to your identity.

For the sake of simplicity your identity can be thought of in two ways: you have what I would call an “inner” identity and an “outer” identity. What’s the difference?

Ask anybody who they are, and they’re going to give you an outer identity. Me? I’m Peter Winslow, I live in Scottsdale Arizona, I work as a life coach, I lead people to success and happiness, I’m American from British extraction, I come from a long line of military commanders, etc.

People may think of this as my identity, but it’s not who I am. These things are not me; they are things about me. They constitute an “outer” identity—things about me—but my inner identity (who I am) is something completely different.

Outer identity is static. It’s like having a static goal, which means that once you have it, you’re done. So, I create a goal to own a new Ferrari. Once I get the Ferrari, my goal is accomplished. I got it; end of story. And then what? Then I go on to the next goal.

That’s an example of a static goal, and the same premise holds true for identity. Your outer identity is static, while your inner identity is dynamic.

In the next post we’ll discuss your ultra-powerful “inner identity” and how it can create more joy, more love, ultimate peace of mind and authentic success in your life.

– Peter Winslow


Your Identity Makes all the Difference – Part 1

Hello, I’m life coach Peter Winslow. Today I have a powerful message that can really change your life. This message is about your identity, but it goes well beyond who you “think” you are.

Why does identity matter? It’s very important for you to know your authentic identity—who deep inside you truly are—if you expect to experience the things in life that you most want.

It’s true that, across the board, most successful and happy people know who they are and what  their life purpose is. Think about that. They have answers to the eternal questions: who am I  and what am I doing here? 

In this series of posts I’m going to make it very simple for you too, so you can get what it is you’d like to have more quickly, more effectively and more efficiently. As a life coach, that’s  what I do.

We’ll begin with what has often been called the “Law of Identity.” You might believe that sounds a lot like the Law of Emergence, or Law of Attraction, or any of the other “New Age” laws being bandied about out there, but no. The Law of Identity was first coined by the famous Greek philosopher Aristotle thousands of years ago. He defined “identity” as this: Any entity that exists must have an identity, because to exist with no identity is to be nothing. An entity cannot be nothing, so by definition it must have an identity.

Another philosopher—one from the modern age—took that awareness to a whole new level. He said that in life, we don’t get what we want, we get what we are. And as we shall see, truer words have never been spoken.

Who are you, and what is your authentic identity? In the next installment I’m going to provide some powerful answers that I know will change your life forever, and for the better.

– Peter Winslow

Characteristics of Blues Music

Blues Music pic
Blues Music

Arizona-based life coach and the owner of GoldMind, LLC, Peter Winslow provides mentoring services to clients both in person and via telephone and Skype. Dedicated to helping others find lasting happiness, he has worked as a life coach for more than 15 years. Outside of work, Peter Winslow enjoys playing the blues guitar.

One of the most popular music genres, blues music was created from a combination of African and Western cultures. Part of what sets blues music apart from other genres is its unique harmony. When creating a song in this genre, artists focus on using the first, fourth, and fifth chords within a scale. Further, blues music traditionally emphasizes a flattened third, fifth, and seventh notes on a major scale.

Beyond the notes used in blues songs, the genre maintains a rhythm based on the 12-bar and 48-beat repetitive pattern. This means that the three chords used in blues music are played for 12 bars. Each bar is then divided into a certain number of beats. When all 12 bars are added up, they normally consist of a total of 48 beats.

The lyrics and instruments of blues music also set the genre apart. Most blues verses are made up of three lines. Both the first and second lines of each verse are relatively similar, while the third is structured a bit differently. Lyrically, themes focus on disappointing stories and sadness. Meanwhile, the instruments frequently used in blues include the piano, guitar, and banjo. Over the years, the genre has expanded beyond these constraints, and some songs have included electric guitars, the harp, and the harmonica.