Overcoming Writer’s Block

Arizona-based Peter Winslow has been helping people find lasting happiness as a life coach for more than 15 years. He accomplishes this by offering coaching and mentoring through GoldMind, LLC, which he owns, and writing books about ankylosing spondylitis, a disease with which he has been diagnosed. Peter Winslow is an avid writer in his free time.

Most writers have experienced writer’s block at some point. Unfortunately, the problem can be difficult to overcome, regardless of how familiar it is. Below are just a few ways writers can overcome it:

– Do something creative. Even though writing is generally considered to be a creative activity, it can be a huge help to step away from it and do something else that’s creative. Painting, designing images, or building something gets the mind off of what was being written and can help writers find their flow again.

– Freewrite. This is a great way for writers to discover new ideas and inspiration. Freewriting normally does not have a specific goal. All writers must do is sit down for around 10 minutes and write whatever comes to mind. By doing this, writers are able to move through all the extra thoughts that may be blocking them.

– Piecework. It’s natural for writers to move through a project sequentially from the beginning. Unfortunately, this can sometimes result in persistent writer’s block. Instead, they can try assembling a project’s pieces after writing from its middle or end.

An Introduction to Transformational Coaching

Peter Winslow
Peter Winslow, Life Coach

Peter Winslow has served as a mentor and life coach for more than 15 years. Currently, Peter Winslow provides life coach services through GoldMind in Scottsdale, Arizona. He focuses largely on transformational coaching, which helps individuals experience the full reality that they have created for themselves as a means of empowering them to make desired changes in their lives.

Transformational coaching allows individuals to cultivate mindfulness of their situation, which in turn helps them make informed decisions about their futures. Mindfulness often involves embracing the most vulnerable and intimate parts of ourselves, rather than ignoring or hiding them. Embracing these emotions teaches individuals that fear is always present and, therefore, not something that should cause anxiety. Instead, fear is a tool for measuring our own perceived limitations.

Ultimately, transformational coaching emboldens people to live in faith and trust, which gives them the needed strength to venture into the unknown and pursue their dreams.

Eckhart Tolle – Finding Purpose in the Actual Experience of Living

Eckhart Tolle pic
Eckhart Tolle
Image: eckharttolle.com

With extensive experience as an Arizona life coach, Peter Winslow owns GoldMind, LLC, and provides empowering pathways toward personal and career achievement, and an intention-driven existence. A respected author as well as a life coach, Peter Winslow takes inspiration from the seminal works of Eckhart Tolle, who is known for books such as The Power of Now and A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose.

The latter volume presents practical strategies for focusing life on the present moment and transforming consciousness in ways that bring forth one’s true purpose. Rather than focusing on the ego, which gains strength through judgment, comparisons with others, and a combative attitude, it pays to travel light, without excess baggage.

This concept manifests in a number of thinkers, from Zen monks to Jesus Christ, who set out the dictum “blessed are the poor in spirit.” From Tolle’s perspective, Jesus’ words mean that living free of pre-set thought patterns and and addictions is the ideal way to progress through the world. Tolle emphasizes the concept of equanimity as a spiritual practice that enables all experiences to be viewed as essentially an outgrowth of the same experience. With a focus on the present and ego held firmly in check, life itself provides an abundance of meaning and purpose.